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Transport regulation

a/ Customer is familiar with the price of driving by driving the price list or a verbal afreement between two parties.

b/ Transportation is authorized persons who are manifestly incapable of tranportation, t. j. especially a person under the infulence of alcohol and other drugs, as well as those whose appearance would have led to concern about damage to the vehicle interior and under. Luggage can be transported unless it allows the trunk of the vehicle and are thus endangering the lives and health of the crew.

c/ Passenger has the right to determine the route of travel, as it will not be violated rules of the road. If the passenger tells the route, the carrier must carry a passenger by the shortest route. Responsibility to the passengers, before driving to properly fasten the safety belt. If it does not allow him his health is obliged to urge the driver to show the medical certificate. In vehicles is strictly fobidden to smoke.

d/ Transportation of persons, childeren, disabled persons, blind persons, animals are allowed, provided it is carried in a person at risk. Persons younger than 12 years and a body height of less than 150cm, must not be transported in the front seat beside the driver. Pets can be transported unless the passenger is not at risk and road safety.

e/ If the carrier fails to comply with conditions of carriageof persons or if there is damage to the goods shall in agreement with the owner liable for damages.

f/ Customer is required for shipments to pre-negotiate with carriers on price.